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Smartphones can be considered one of the greatest innovations humankind has come up since sending men up to the moon. It packs a computing power that can rival that of NASA’s spaceship, and it works like a pocket-sized desktop where you can finish your work or start your presentations anywhere and anytime you want. Through smartphones, you can easily print out important documents for meetings just by connecting to printers and speakers via Bluetooth. If you click here¬†and start browsing through a list of smartphones, those capabilities are one of the first things you look for, right? So it is safe to say that smartphones have completely revolutionise the way we work and our attitude towards it.

But beyond that, smartphones have actually improved certain aspects of our lives. Yes, kids nowadays are cooped up in their rooms just scrolling through their social media, taking selfies and a million pictures of their food; but it has improved our lives in ways we never really stop to think about. If you can imagine going day-to-day without your smartphone in hand, how much effort would you expend to finish certain tasks where you use your phone extensively for it? How about the apps that alert you when you have a meeting?

The more cynical of us would say to go old school and write things down, but with we are living in a fast-paced world and our solution to keep up with it is the smartphone. Here we list down the ways in which the smartphone is changing the world for the better.

Getting medical attention for non-emergency concerns is easy

There are medical applications available for download that will make it easy for you to get diagnosed and be given a prescription anywhere you are in the world. Most are video-based “visits” where you and the doctor would talk about what is hurting on your body, what you are experiencing, and so on. Some of the apps like DoctorOnDemand even offer psychologist sessions.

Keeping you safe

One of the problems we have these days is walking alone at night, especially for women who are the usual victims of catcalling or something far worse. Some women would either ask someone to accompany them or they call a friend while they are walking on the street. But with the applications available on the smartphone, you can allow your phone to track your movement so that your friends and family can make sure you got home safely. These apps can also trigger an alarm sent to those checking on you if you have not checked in at a specific time.

Improved memory banks

Contrary to what other people are saying, smartphones have changed the way we store information. Before, we had to memorise every fact and detail about certain things. But because we have access to the data stream 24/7, we do not need to clog up our brains with information, useless or not; we just need to remember how to find that information. Knowing where to retrieve information is much more useful compared to overdosing yourself with it and then forgetting the information eventually.

We barely scratched the tip of the iceberg, but you have to understand that the benefits listed above have already changed human dynamics. Getting medical care through apps has made it cheaper for some to get the attention they need, getting home safely has been happening more often than before, and the generation that has utilised the datastream on their phones are much more able to process information properly. These are benefits which have impacted society positively, and we cannot wait to experience more of it.