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As our Wi-Fi instantly connects and we upload documents to the cloud, it’s easy for us to forget a time when wireless technology didn’t exist. However, for those of us who work in potentially dangerous environments, it’s a time that’s best forgotten.

In some industries, dust explosions—or the rapid combustion of fine particles—can occur. When these occur in confined spaces, it can cause a build-up of pressure. If this gets too high, major structural damage can be caused, leading to injury and even death.

Of course, to negate the risks, companies have invested in explosion vent detection systems. As many of these need to be hard-wired, this effective solution can prove costly.

However, it’s good news for companies, as leading rupture disc experts Elfab has designed and created GSM-Tel. This solution combines all of the benefits of a traditional explosion vent detection system with GSM technology, meaning instant notification of explosion vent activation can be received remotely.

Should explosion vent activation occur, a customisable text will be sent to users. This means they can be notified of the activity from afar, acting as an additional safeguarding measure. The system is compatible with any of Elfab’s explosion vents, including single, multi-layer, flat and domed designs.

The system can also create significant cost savings for businesses, not just in terms of the eradication of wiring costs. The GSM system is reusable, leading to long-term reliability and reduced maintenance.

Wireless is changing many areas of our lives and this is just one example of the positive impact it can have on critical areas of industry. As technology continues to develop, we can expect to see greater improvements to safety — something that will have far-reaching benefits in this sector and beyond.