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Perhaps your company is at a point where it’s time to invest in a person or team to handle software development and you’re strongly considering outsourcing to an Eastern European company. Like almost anything else, outsourcing for software development purposes has both advantages and disadvantages. However, it’s particularly wise to outsource if you’re concerned with maintaining profitability for your company.

No Need to Invest in More Equipment or Larger Workspaces


Even bringing a software developer on board for a short period of time might necessitate buying new equipment ranging from a desk and office chair to a computer. However, when you hire a software developer who works off-site, there is no need to purchase anything new because the person already has a sufficient setup for getting your project done.


Consider that if your physical workspace is very small, you might not even have the space required to accommodate another person and be forced to spend money on a co-working space or bigger office building. Outsourcing lets you avoid doing that altogether since the software development expert gets everything done away from your place of work.

Ability to Bypass Most of the Onboarding Process


Hiring software developers to work within your company means you’ll have to set aside time to guide each one of them through an onboarding process. During it, you’ll likely cover company-specific policies related to things like vacation days, sexual harassment, and grievance procedures.


Onboarding also includes clarifying a person’s role and the responsibilities within it. You might be especially thorough and include a mentoring component too so a new team member can get acquainted with the company’s culture and have someone to turn to with any questions he or she has.


Although onboarding is necessary, it’s also quite time-consuming. If you hire outsourced software developers, you’ll be able to save a lot of time because many typical onboarding procedures are not necessary since the new team members don’t spend time within your company’s walls.


The most you’ll probably have to do is give specific details about the scope of your project and any applicable deadlines. After you’ve provided those, the outsourced software developers can get to work. In turn, you can take advantage of the time you’re not spending doing onboarding and use it to do other tasks within your company.

Outsourced Projects Usually Have Shorter Time Frames


Regardless of project type, costs usually go up as more time passes from when work began. In general, outsourced software development companies employ team members that work around the clock or at least outside of your normal business hours. That’s especially true if you have a United States-based business and have decided to work with an Eastern European team of software developers in Ukraine.


Because Ukraine has a different time zone than any area of the United States, companies there start working when most businesspeople are still asleep. This means you can frequently enjoy overall shorter timespans for your outsourced projects, which effectively keeps costs low.

Avoid Costly Mistakes or Unmet Expectations


Many Eastern European companies that employ software developers make sure those individuals have a full understanding of the kind of quality standards expected by most American companies. Not only are the developers familiar with what’s required of them but also, they are well equipped to meet deadlines without issues.


Eastern European software development companies may also offer deadline guarantees. Then, you won’t have to prepare yourself to hear excuse-filled stories about why the company couldn’t get everything done by a mutually agreed upon date.


You might work with a company that has taken the time to come up with a foolproof process for developing software that meets or exceeds customer expectations. That’s because, in order to remain competitive, business leaders at outsourced companies know they need to come up with efficient processes so projects are completed on time without errors. By looking for a company that is extremely serious about the software development work it produces, you’ll likely be happy with the outcomes and won’t run into issues that drive up overall costs.


By now it should be clear that outsourcing your software development needs to an Eastern European company is an excellent way to get great results without spending too much. After going with this approach for the first time, you might wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.