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Stop the bus – and get on it. Whilst previously, people have considered getting the bus to be an inconvenience, Stagecoach have revolutionised bus travel and 2017 has saw the introduction of the new Stagecoach Bus App. The idea of having to buy your ticket, find the right change, and wait at the bus stop can seem like you’ve gone back in time, but not anymore…

Keeping it straightforward

Everything related to your bus journey is officially all in one place; with the new app, you can plan your journey, access live bus information in real-time and purchase mobile bus tickets. What’s really handy, is that if a bus is held up in traffic, you can see exactly where it is – minimising the amount of time you’ll spend at the bus stop.

And guess what? It is really easy. Not having to use change is a big bonus, and it keeps things tidy and paperless – mobile tickets mean there is no risk of losing your ticket, as it’s stored on your phone! You can simply use your card to make a payment, and there’s no delay – your ticket will be uploaded to your device straight away. All you need to do is activate your ticket and show it to your driver when you get on board.

And it keeps getting simpler…

Local travel has been revolutionised making everything even easier for you. You can set your location using your phone’s GPS system. This helps you find the right bus to get, where bus stops are, and what route to take – what else could you ask for?

Additionally, it helps to prevent you from getting lost. If you don’t know where the bus stop is, you can use the journey planner feature with helpful map guidance to assist you, should you ever get lost… If you have a favourite route, or a bus that you take every day, then you can save these on the app, which makes purchasing tickets in the future even easier!

The Stagecoach Bus App is free and you can download it for Apple and Android smartphones; if you take the bus, it’s definitely worth the download.