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Get Blogging!

imageClick here  to get your own blog for only $10 per year

We at the TechBurgh blog have teamed up with Tubu Internet Solutions to  bringing the blogging community and those who want to get into blogging.

You can start your own hosted blog for only $10 per year!

But I’m not interesting
Everyone has something to contribute to the ‘blogosphere’ whether you make it personal, professional, for your club, your small business, organization, recipes, your diet progress, newborn, family newsletter, anything!
People sometimes use a blog as their main web site instead of it being a journal.

But I don’t know computers ‘n stuff
If you’re reading this you can blog. It’s easy.  Also, you have the experts at TechBurgh and to help you. 
You can log in to post articles, email them to your blog or use certain desktop applications.

Wait! aren’t there free blogging services out there?
Yes there are and some of them are pretty good  but we’re all about making a blog your own.
We’re promoting what is called a hosted service, meaning you have control your site yourself, you have many more design options, template options, add-ons and more.
With a hosted service there is no advertising on your site unless you put it on there.
With a hosted service you control your site address,instead of you can have
Attackr does a fine job of the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Why though?
It’s really simple. We’re promoting blogging and how great it is!
We’re taking the mystery out of blogging and make it accessible to the world.

What is the network all about?
There is power in numbers. 
Many people see the TechBurgh blog as a source for information on a daily basis. With your blog listed there along with a description people are bound to visit.
Also, companies are seeking alternative ways to promote their business, a blog network is a powerful way to get news and information out to the public (should the bloggers choose too write about it).

Can I make money from this?
It’s doubtful that you’ll get rich from blogging. Good luck though.
You can monetize your blog with advertising if you wish.

Really? just $10 per year?
Yes, that’s all. The only additional cost is your domain name (normally less than $10 per year) you can register your domain wherever you like, of course we’d recommend Tubu Domains though, you can get a domain there for about $8.
For $10 per year you get a 200mb package and 10 gigabytes of bandwidth, which is more than enough to get your blog going 🙂

Well, this sounds great! how do I get started?
Just email [email protected] and we’ll get you on your way to blogging.

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